From Dyson hand-dryers to pool covers, how council aims to cut £1m from energy bill by 2037

AVDC headquarters
AVDC headquarters

Eco friendly initiatives including using different types of hand-dryers in the toilets have helped a council save more than £100,000 so far.

Aylesbury Vale District Council chiefs say that they are working to reduce their carbon footprint.

And a report to the council’s cabinet shows that since the scheme began in 2007, 
after the cost of alterations the authority has saved £106.274.

By 2037 the report says that AVDC will have saved more than £1 million in taxpayers’ money from the project.

Changes made include installing time switches on water heaters at the council’s Gateway HQ saving £785 in a years, and buying a new pool covers for Aqua Vale and Swan Pool saving £45,000.

Further savings in the dossier, which outlined more than one hundred ways that the council is modernising to help the environment, includes making an extra £2,134 by installing Dyson Airblade hand-dryers, and more than £3,000 by trialing LED lighting at the Swan Pool.

In a background briefing the report, by Sir Beville Stanier, portfolio holder for the environment and health at the council, says: “A carbon reduction strategy remains as relevant as ever to AVDC as climate change continues to be a core national, European and local policy driver.

“This, particularly as the UK heads into a more sustainable low carbon economy.

“The carbon reduction practices made now will set the council up to become more resilient to future energy price shocks, whilst 
meeting future legal requirements and emerging climate change/ sustainable energy policies.

“Another, perhaps more current issue for AVDC is the increased pressure to reduce the public spending deficit.

“As local authorities are subject to increasing government cuts, reducing carbon emissions is a key way for the council to significantly reduce its spend and create more sustainable energy practices.”