Further service sharing will ‘save £12 million’

Mary Clarke, leader of South Northamptonshire Council
Mary Clarke, leader of South Northamptonshire Council

The alliance between South Northants Council and Cherwell District Council is set to strengthen with more shared services leading to further savings of £12 million.

In 2011, the two councils merged their senior management teams and then combined waste management services last year.

The two councils have so far saved £3.3 million, with 17 redundancies and five posts cut but the latest agreement will bring about £12 million savings by 2025.

Mary Clarke, leader of South Northants Council, said: “If all goes to plan, we expect that over a ten year period, joint working could generate additional savings of £4m for South Northamptonshire and a further £8m for Cherwell.

“This helps to protect the front-line services which matter most to our residents.”

The two councils have begun a ‘lengthy process’ of working out how best to share services but it is not yet clear which departments will merge.