Future of the Old Fire Station under review

The old fire station in Brackley. 111229M-B226
The old fire station in Brackley. 111229M-B226
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The future of a 126-year-old town centre landmark may become clearer as the local authoritiesl begin investigating ways of putting it back into use.

The Old Fire Station in High Street has been empty since 2010 when the Fire service moved the Brackley crew into a modern building in Oxford Road.

Ever since businesses and civic leaders have feared another, long term, boarded up property in the town centre.

In December the town council announced it was preparing to purchase the Fire Station from the National Trust which owns the building and adjacent park.

NT are currently considering the council’s bid, and councillors are expecting to hear if the acquisition will go ahead later this month.

This week BTC announced they were working with South Northants Council to produce a feasibility study on the restoration of the Town Hall and Old Fire Station.

In a statement BTC said: “The buildings represent great opportunities to provide facilities that better meet the needs of existing and future residents of Brackley.

“Restoration and the introduction of new activities will bring investment into our town and will give residents and visitors more of a reason to choose to come into the town centre and support local businesses.”

The feasibility work will identify a mix of community and commercial uses for the Old Fire Station, partly in the hope it will create more activity along the portion of the High north of Buckingham Road junction, as well as providing facilities for visitors to the park.

Brackley Mayor Chris Cartmell said: “Both buildings have an important role to play in Brackley and we hope that our work and engagement with local groups can identify realistic ideas that will support the community and, particularly at this time, businesses in the town centre.”

The feasibility study is being managed by Ingham Pinnock Associates and will progress over the first half of 2013.

Brackley business owners and community groups will be invited to share their views of the future of the fire station through a consultative group which will be established in due course. Further information will be published about the consultative group as the feasibility study is carried out.

For more information contact BTC on 01280 702441.