Garages back scheme to reduce thefts of catalytic converters

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GARAGES in Buckingham and Winslow are taking part in a scheme to offer customers free engraving for their catalytic converters.

The Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership is introducing the service next week in a bid to curb increasing numbers of catalytic converter thefts.

Thieves steal the convertors because they contain precious metals.

Police believe engraving the convertors could prevent criminals selling them on and make thieves more likely to be caught.

From Monday, April 23, Wharf Motors, in Stratford Road, Buckingham, and Chapman Auto Services, in Station Road, Winslow, will be offering to engrave catalytic converters while vehicles are being serviced or repaired.

They will also be offering to fit special tamperproof number plate screws.

Each converter is engraved with a unique security number and drivers are given stickers for the vehicle’s windows to say it is security marked.

For more details, visit or call 01296 585014.