#GE2017: David Lidington: 'It is an enormous privilege to have been elected'

Returning MP for Aylesbury David Lidington thanked constituents for voting him into office for the seventh time in a row.

Friday, 9th June 2017, 8:35 am
Updated Friday, 9th June 2017, 8:40 am

Conservative Mr Lidington gave a speech following his victory at the election count this morning at the AVDC Gateway offices in Aylesbury.

He said: “It is an enormous privilege to have been elected to serve the Aylesbury constituency for the seventh time.

I will continue as I go forward with these responsibilities in Parliament, to work as hard as I can for every constituent in every part of this constituency, every estate, and every town and every village.

“And irrespective of how anyone might have voted or indeed, whether they chose not to vote at all - and I look forward with great relish to embarking on those responsibilities again tomorrow.”

Mr Lidington also thanked his campaign team and election officials for their hard work, and praised the police for their work in tightening security at election counts following the recent attacks in London and Manchester.

Second place candidate, Labour’s Mark Bateman also thanked election staff, and congratulated Mr Lidington on his victory.

He said: “The Labour Party in Aylesbury has been working extremely hard, it seems like two and a half months actually if you take into account the County Council elections as well - we started as a team and we finish as a team, so Aylesbury Labour Party congratulations on all your hard work for the result that we have got tonight.”

He added: “My late father always used to say to me that even the trees vote Tory in this part of the world and they have done so again. But we are getting closer to you and we are obviously going to hold you to account for everything that you have just said in terms of representation of all the people of Aylesbury.”