Get involved in edible woodland

Strawberry plant in Buckingham's Community Woodland=
Strawberry plant in Buckingham's Community Woodland=

In a corner of a Buckingham park is a little-known community space where people can go to plant and pick produce.

The Buckingham Edible Woodland is a small plot in the Heartlands that has been given over to the public, with the idea that anything grown there will be available for anyone to pick and take home.

The initiative is now in its second year, and development has been gradual, with 13 trees now budding, and the first plants peeking out of the ground. Strawberry and Nepalese raspberry are sending out runners to create new plants that may fruit next year.

John Mortimer, of the Buckingham In Transition group, said: “It is so enjoyable spending some sunny times at the weekend, to clear the ground and tend the plants.

“The edible woodland is there for anyone to come along and enjoy, to participate, to relax, to grow something, to meet like-minded people.”

The plot is based on permaculture, a way of growing that requires less maintenance than traditional planting.

The design was created by a professional garden designer, Claire White, and the plants have been carefully selected to provide a wide range of unusual produce, to attract people to go and see whats growing.

There are also plans for willow sculptures and a project with teenagers doing their Duke of Edinburgh Award.

Donations from the Community Pantomime and the Waitrose green token scheme will go towards clearing more ground using mulch and weed matting, and buying plants.

John said: “I encourage anyone reading this, who wants to do something different, come along and see. We don’t have a list of jobs people are obliged to do – you do what you like to do. It’s now time for more to participate and make this project into a bigger and more interesting corner of our town.”

Call John on 01280 817438.