Get rid of your old car and help a charity too

BERKS, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust is revving up its fundraising with the ‘bangers for cash’ scheme run by Giveacar social enterprise.

Ruth Grice, senior fundraising manager at the wildlife charity said: “This is an easy and hassle-free way of getting rid of unwanted and unused cars, and it really helps our valuable wildlife work.”

Unwanted cars are collected free by Giveacar and either sold through an online auction, or disposed of in an environmentally friendly way at an authorised treatment facility.

Proceeds from the sale are donated to one of Giveacar’s partner charities like the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust.

Even if the ‘banger’ is scrapped it still nets between £40 and £160 for the charity.

Wildlife supporter, Athene Reiss, recently watched her car towed away by Giveacar.

She said: “I’m really pleased my old car has one more chance to be useful. It will be recycled into new things and make a donation to the Berks, Bucks and Oxon Wildlife Trust at the same time. And the whole process was as easy as pie.”

Tom Chance, chief executive of Giveacar said: “We’re delighted to be linking up with the Wildlife Trust.

“The Giveacar scheme encourages people to dispose of their old cars responsibly. The natural environment and wildlife issues are among our top priorities, so we’re really pleased to be raising more funds for the important work of the Wildlife Trust.”

To find out how old, unwanted and unused cars can benefit your local wildlife go to