'Get your banners ready': Buckingham councillor urges residents to protest when HS2 starts work in area

Charlie Clare on some of the land between Calvert and Steeple Claydon which HS2 is set to destroy
Charlie Clare on some of the land between Calvert and Steeple Claydon which HS2 is set to destroy

A Buckingham councillor has urged residents to make their feelings known ahead of HS2 working on land between Steeple Claydon and Calvert.

Charlie Clare, county councillor for Buckingham West has urged residents to 'get their banners ready' and 'make a public statement' when work begins.

In a video on social media Cllr Clare said: "I have just had a walk around some land between Calvert and Steeple Claydon which is about to be stripped down so they can build an IMD site for HS2.

"This is a 250 acre site of ancient hedgerow and mature oak trees - it is a beautiful view.

"In ten days time HS2 is going to bulldoze all this vegetation in preparation of the main contract works.

"It is being done at a time when HS2 is more in danger of being canned than ever before.

"This huge environmental wastage could be happening for no reason.

"I know the farmers who run this land are not being reimbursed.

"It is going to be done between March and September which is nesting season for birds so it is the worst possible time on so many levels.

"The evidence is that HS2 is in chaos so they are pushing on with the work they can do - in my opinion they are carrying on with bits of work for a project that might get canned."

This newspaper is currently running a campaign calling on the Government to put an end to HS2 under the slogan 'enough is enough.'

Last week the BBC's Question Time programme was broadcast from Aylesbury.

During the programme, the audience were asked for a show of hands to indicate whether they were for or against HS2 - the answer was unanimously in the negative.

Cllr Clare said: "This is Europe's biggest infrastructure project and at this moment in time it is in chaos.

"Decisions are being rushed through and HS2 will in the next couple of weeks be starting work on a 250 acre site within our area for possibly no valid reason at all.

"This is unnecessary destruction and we need to make our voices heard.

"I am making a big fuss about this because in Westminster the business case for HS2 appears to be collapsing.

"I urge people to write to their local MP, Mark Thurston who is the CEO of HS2 and Liz Truss MP (chief executive of the Treasury) to voice their opinions.

"We need to get our banners ready and make a public statement when the bulldozers arrive in our area.

"I am personally writing to people in authority about this but we all need to do our bit if we are to keep up the fight."