Getting Winslow ready for ever changing world

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Those preparing Winslow for a world without oil will set out their stall during the Farmers Market this weekend.

Every first Sunday of the month the farmers market includes a community stall open to any charity or organisation working for the benefit of the community.

Between 10am and 2pm on Sunday, October 7, the Winslow Transition Town group will be raising awareness for their group, which has already attracted 37 members in under 12 months.

Group member David Field said: “We’ve only been going a year and all my expectations have been blown out of the water.

“I think that’s down to our approach as much as anything.

“What we’ve found is that the recreation of community is as important as environmental issues. It is there people feel they belong to something worthwhile and feel they are able to make an impact.”

On the day the stall will include a pedal powered smoothy maker and a wide range of chutneys and preserves, some of which will be sold through a lucky dip.

The group will also be seeking feedback on an idea raised by Winslow Chamber of Trade for edible gardens. They would be planting beds in communal spaces providing seasonal vegetables within walking distance of near by residents.

Mr Field said anyone can take from the gardens, so they are an example of the fundamental principles of sustainability. But they would also bring people out into their neighbourhoods.

He added: “Given the idea has come from outside the group, and the potential for financial and physical support from other groups, we decided to push forward with it. And what we will be doing Sunday is asking people what they think. Where would they like to see one? And would they like to get involved?

“The simple idea is that it’s there for everyone to get involved as much or as little as they choose.

“Long term hopefully it will become part of the community and something they will take pride in.”

The stall will also include a wishing tree and visitors will be invited to write down one thing they already like about the town and something they would like see improved.