‘Giant dairy helped me secure a fair price’

Dairy farmer Ian Barker of North Hill Farm in Winslow
Dairy farmer Ian Barker of North Hill Farm in Winslow

A farmer who has benefitted from having the world’s biggest dairy on his doorstep is backing a campaign to help sustain his industry.

Ian Barker from Winslow wants people to support products from Arla, the dairy cooperative that recently opened the world’s largest fresh 
milk facility just outside Aylesbury.

He is one of 3,000 British farmer-owners encouraging people to buy branded products including Anchor, Cravendale and Lurpak, made from British milk.

Mr Barker, who milks 150 Holstein Friesian cows at North Hill Farm, said: “If you are looking for a product, look for the Arla brands, it gives farmers a guaranteed milk price and comes back straight to us with no middle men. The Arla brands deliver the best possible prices to the members.”

Some farmers sell direct to supermarkets, but often receive a price per litre that is less than it takes to produce the milk. Arla is also subject to volatile world markets but can keep prices up for farmers with the popularity of branded products.

Mr Barker has delivered leaflets encouraging people to buy Arla products in his local pub the Betsey Wynn in Swanbourne and at Buckingham rugby club.

Ash Amirahmadi, head of milk and member services with Arla, said: “We believe that the British public wants to help dairy farmers and we want to help them understand how buying Arla products benefits them directly.”

Mr Barker said all 
Lurpak products sold in the UK are made from British milk, and all Anchor products are 
under licence to Arla in the UK. He said: “We benefit from the sales of these products.”

Milk sold in British 
supermarkets is not branded as being from Arla, but Mr Barker said all the milk in Asda is supplied from Arla.