Give a chicken a home

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NEW homes are needed for around 3,000 egg-laying chickens after a Dadford farmer has been forced to close down.

Jim Faulkner owns Red Ditches Farm, near Silverstone Golf Club, and has been producing free range eggs for 25 years.

But with the cost of chicken feed doubling plus supermarket demands Mr Faulkner cannot afford to continue and has had to shut-up shop.

He has a contract to provide eggs to a major supermarket, which won’t take eggs from chickens which are more than 18 months old although they can lay for up to five years, and has reduced the price it is willing to pay for a dozen eggs to only 88p.

Mr Faulkner’s granddaughter, Jo Deane, has been trying to sell Mr Faulkner’s 6,000 chickens and has so far found homes for half, but time is running out as any hens not sold before March 28 will be sent to slaughter.

Miss Deane said: “When hens are going through a tonne of food a day with most of the hens laying one egg a day, it hardly covers the cost of food let alone wages and electricity. It is a mixture of egg prices going down and food prices going up.”

She added a lot of farmers were feeling the pinch from supermarkets reducing the price they paid to farmers and she was keen to see the hens saved from slaughter.

Once the last of the chickens are gone, Mr Faulkner plans to retire and hire out his barns to generate some income.

Miss Deane said: “It is going to be horrible when the chickens are gone.”

The hens are £3 each when you buy ten or less or £2 each if you buy more than ten. Anyone interested should email