Give the team a buzz if you can help bees

Picture courtesy of Reader Clive Weedon
Picture courtesy of Reader Clive Weedon

VILLAGERS in Steeple Claydon are being asked to help an environmental organisation that is carrying out a bumblebee survey.

Researchers from the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology are conducting a survey into the bees around the Hillesden Estate, and would like to include gardens and land in the northern part of Steeple Claydon.

The survey, which has already begun, will run until August this year, and be repeated from March next year. It will involve a pair of surveyors making two to three half-hour visits during each period.

They will observe and record the bumblebees and flowers present and take a small sample from each bee for DNA analysis.

The researchers say they are seeking a better understanding of the factors behind bumblebees’ decline in recent decades.

Steeple Claydon residents living north of a line from Addison Road to Sandholm who would be willing to help by allowing researchers access to their land, should contact Matt Heard on 01491 838800.