‘Gold’ ring scam: Don’t be duped

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A Buckingham gold dealer is warning people not to fall for a ‘gold’ ring confidence trick.

Eddie Edwards, of Simply Gold, on Nelson Street, told the Advertiser so far five people have come into his shop hoping to trade in chunky rings similar to the one in the picture.

All of them had been tricked into taking the rings in exchange for handing over cash.

Mr Edwards said some had been approached on petrol forecourts by a man who claimed he needed money because his credit card would not work after he had filled up with fuel.

Another parted with £30 in exchange for the ring after being flagged down on the A421 bypass by someone who said he’d run out of petrol. The rings are stamped inside with 18k and 750.

If genuine, the ring would have a scrap value of £220. But in fact the rings are made of zinc and copper and worth about £3. Mr Edwards said: “I’ve had five people in with six rings. One guy bought two and paid about £50 for them.”

Police are asking for people to help them identify the confidence tricksters. PC Martin Duckett said: “Several men have been stopped along the roadside, following reports of members of the public being stopped and asked for money for fuel. This may or may not be linked to the recent selling of gold by the roadside. Enquires are still ongoing, and members of the public are strongly advised not to buy items of any description from unknown persons.”

PC Duckett asked people to call 101 with any information.