Government funded race circuit ‘illegal’

MCBW The Silverstone Wing  ENGPNL00220120815101902
MCBW The Silverstone Wing ENGPNL00220120815101902

Bosses at Silverstone Race Circuit have written to Prime Minister David Cameron for clarification on plans to invest in a circuit in Wales.

A statement from the circuit says should such a deal go ahead it could be deemed as illegal state aid.

Recently, when looking to invest in its own operation, circuit managers applied for government funding. This was denied on the same grounds.

The statement continued: “There are currently a number of well established, privately funded circuits in the UK, including Wales, that feel that the British motor sport industry would be threatened by the addition of a government-funded circuit.

“To be clear, Silverstone has no objection to competition between UK circuits, but it has to be a level playing field.”