Graduation weekend brings boost to business

Graduation Day at the University of Buckingham
Graduation Day at the University of Buckingham

Buckingham businesses felt the benefits of the University of Buckingham’s graduation ceremonies last weekend, with the influx of students and their families bringing new customers.

Villiers Hotel was almost fully booked for graduation weekend. Receptionist Adrian Crison said: “To be nearly fully booked is about the same business as a wedding for us and slightly less than when Silverstone is on, so graduation certainly improves our business.”

Keira Peacock, of Nelson Street restaurant, said: “We have definitely had more bookings because of graduation, and we were nearly fully booked over the weekend.”

Alan Edmeades, owner of The Woolpack, said: “Graduation brings all the students’ families into the town. We do notice that they use us as a meeting place. The whole family can get a meal and talk about what’s going to happen over the weekend.