Granborough village youth group try sleeping rough to help homeless

The Granborough Crew
The Granborough Crew

The Granborough Crew village youth club slept rough in a barn from 9pm to 9am on Friday to raise money and awareness of homelessness.

The group took part in a variety of activities such as sleeping on a bench in nearby Winslow, trying to apply for a job without a home address, heating soup for themselves and making outside shelters from cardboard.

The group also watched a documentary about homelessness.

“I didn’t expect it to be so cold,” was a comment from one of the group members while another remarked that it was ‘a great experience that made me realise l wouldn’t want to do that every night’.

The group leaders said: “We are extremely proud of the group and how maturely they approached the challenges and dealt with the cold. The young people were showing a real understanding of how people can find themselves homeless through a variety of circumstances.”

The Granborough Crew have managed to raise over £1,500 so far, to donate visit their Just Giving site

The Granborough Crew members were Abbie Lucas, Jesse and Casey Manning, Emma Bunyan, Amy Hinton, Jess Price-Calver, Isobel and Emma Bartley, Ben Miles, Kerensa Telford Johns, Polly Calver Robert Kemp, Mark Weedon and Liz Calver.