Grass cutting could be devolved to parishes

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Parishes could take over responsibility for cutting their own grass, under proposals outlined by Bucks County Council (BCC).

Following budget cuts and complaints about the reduced grass cutting programme, representatives of towns and parishes in Bucks attended a conference to discuss taking over the devolved service.

Roy van de Poll, who reported back to Winslow Town Council, said: “The general reaction was what’s going on at the moment is not satisfactory as far as alot of residents are concerned.

“When you walk around Winslow at the moment, it really does look shoddy.”

The issue will now be discussed by the town council’s amenities committee.

Winslow Town Council has already taken the decision to cut its own grass verges this month as an emergency measure, due to the level of complaints it is receiving.

Town councillor Llew Monger said: “We want to retain the Best Kept Village award that we won last year.

“Judging takes place this month. We have done our bit but the state of the grass verges, which is entirely the fault of the county council, is such that we decided to get the job done ourselves.”

Mike Smith, who reported back to Buckingham Town Council from the BCC conference, said: “My initial impression is that it ain’t going to work. Although county would be passing us over the money, that money is going to considerably reduce in a couple of years’ time. There’s no assurances. Even if the proportionate money is handed straight over to the parishes, it’s not likely to have the same economies of scale that the county council contract would have.”

BCC officers are meeting Buckingham town councillors today, Friday, to clarify the proposition.