Green light for Market Hill plan?

Development land behind Market Hill,Buckingham.'101104M-D383
Development land behind Market Hill,Buckingham.'101104M-D383

Plans for a 49-home development to the rear of Market Hill, Buckingham, have been recommended for approval.

The application is set to go before Aylesbury Vale District Council’s strategic development committee next Wednesday.

The plan for 25 flats and 24 dwellings, with 94 parking spaces, would involve the demolition of two houses and improved vehicular access on Moreton Road.

The scheme, however, has been unanimously opposed by Buckingham Town Council due to its high density and lack of commercial or retail element.

The town council also expressed concern at the extra traffic that would be generated on to Moreton Road and the lack of affordable housing.

District councillor Tim Mills, who sits on the strategic development committee, told the Advertiser: “It’s going to have quite an effect on the town.

“I’m very pleased it’s going to be developed.

“I’d have liked to see more commercial development there but it will be better than having an eyesore and a rubbish dumping ground in the centre of town.

“My main concern is the increased traffic.

“With 49 dwellings and 94 parking spaces, in the rush hour in particular it’s just going to make things worse.

“The Old Gaol junction is already over capacity.”

Mr Mills is unable to attend the committee meeting.

District and town councillor Robin Stuchbury said: “My view is there was a perfectly plausible development plan put forward in 2002 for that site, which involved shops, housing and car parking.

“Yet the district council didn’t take it forward and we lost that opportunity.

“It could have been an economic driver for the town’s prosperity.

“I think we were let down badly.”

Mr Stuchbury said the new proposal was “nothing more than a housing estate in the middle of Buckingham”.