GUEST COLUMN: ‘My message for the New Year’

John Bercow MP at the Christmas lights switch on
John Bercow MP at the Christmas lights switch on

As readers are probably aware, the application to build four wind turbines in Stoke Hammond has been – comprehensively – kicked into touch by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Mr Eric Pickles.

There is no way that I can summarise the work of the excellent campaign, which I had the honour to be involved in, without exceeding my word count, but the result is indubitably a testament to the dedication of the Stop Dorcas Lane Turbines (SDLT) group and Stoke Hammond residents, who worked so hard, and who never gave up.

It is not only great news for Stoke Hammond, but will – I hope – establish a precedent for other locations in the Buckingham constituency, such as Salden and Dinton, which are also facing down similar applications.

Perhaps because it’s the time of year, but I confess to feeling something of a warmer glow than usual. So my New Year’s message to you is this: just like SDLT, if we don’t give up, there is absolutely nothing that we, as a community, cannot achieve.

Yes, as always, it will be hard work and, yes, it may involve strong coffee, late nights and – occasionally – outbreaks of un-Parliamentary language along the way.

However, when the good news comes through that we’ve been successful - as it did last week - that it has all paid off, I guarantee that there is no feeling like it.

So happy New Year to all Advertiser readers, and here’s to a prosperous and successful 2015.

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Happy new year!