Haircut dad ‘dreading’ the Christmas chill...

Mike Hausman with young carers at YC2
Mike Hausman with young carers at YC2
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It’s going to be a chilly Christmas for motorsport fabricator welder Mike Hausman, when his beloved dreadlocks are cut off for charity.

Mike, aged 38, has been growing his dreads, which reach right down his back, for more than 16 years – and his children have never seen him without them

Michael Hausmann

Michael Hausmann

But on Friday, he is facing the snip at Buckingham hair salon Arthur’s Radio, in aid of Buckingham & Winslow Young Carers (YC2), which provides a monthly social club for children who have caring responsibilities beyond their years..

Mike, who lives in Syresham and works for BTB Exhausts in Woodford Halse, told the Advertiser: “I’ve had my dreadlocks now for close to 17 years and I’m at a stage now where they’re almost interfering with my working life.

“I always said if I did get them cut off, I would like to take the opportunity to raise money for a local charity.

“One of our close friends, their son is a young carer for his younger sister.

“It was only went I went along to the YC2 meeting on a Friday that I found there were also two other children there I knew.”

So far Mike has seen well over £1,000 raised via a website and paper sponsorship.

Mike said: “I’d like to think by the end of it we’re close to £1,600. My personal aim was for £2,000.”

And he admits he’s nervous about facing the chop on Friday.

He said: “It’s quite a daunting thing really. I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

“I was just entering my 20s when I decided to grow my hair, so it’s been a long time. It is quite nerve racking.

There are mixed feelings in Mike’s family too, with Mike’s wife, Luci Adams-Bostock, admitting she prefers long-haired men.

“She sent me a text message to say if I’m bald she’ll still love me,” said Mike.

According to Mike, daughter Tigi Maii, aged 14, is quite happy about the haircut, while son Rune, aged 10, who also has long hair, is against it.

It will certainly mean a drastic change of image for Mike, who added: “A lot of people have only ever known me with dreads.

“I always said, if I end up having my hair cut, I’ll blend with the other dads.

“My wife won’t be able to find me in Tesco!”

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