Hard-hitting lesson on alcohol abuse

A scene from Smashed
A scene from Smashed

Students at The Cooper School, in Bicester, had a hard-hitting lesson when they watched a play about the risks of underage drinking.

The performance on Tuesday was part of Smashed, an international alcohol education and awareness programme which is touring 90 UK schools over nine weeks.

The play is about a group of friends who find themselves in trouble as a result of their misuse of alcohol. The show was followed by a workshop where pupils could question the cast about the issues brought up during the play.

Developed in consultation with young people, Smashed has been designed to engage with pupils in a different way, using drama and an interactive workshop to help young people understand the facts, causes and consequences surrounding alcohol misuse and the risks of underage drinking.

Sponsored by Diageo and delivered by Collingwood Learning, the Smashed project is set to visit 12 countries in 2017, reaching over 130,000 12 to 16-year-olds.

The Philippines, China, Nigeria, Indonesia and Cambodia join the list of countries to welcome Smashed this year.

The UK is making progress to reduce levels of underage drinking, with the number of boys and girls aged eight to 15 who have reported drinking alcohol currently at its lowest level since records began.

But there is still work to be done, with recent government figures showing that young people are more likely to drink once a week as they enter their early teens, compared to before they reach adolescence.

For more information about Smashed, see www.collingwoodlearning.com