Hare coursing ‘a massive problem’

Mammals, brown hare eating foliage, Norfolk.
Mammals, brown hare eating foliage, Norfolk.

Northants Police should focus on the “massive problem” of hare coursing in the county in 2014, a rural group has said.

The Northants branch of the Country Land and Business Association (CLA) has said rural crime, which includes the pursuit of hares with dogs, is at the top of its list of priorities for the new year.

And the group said it would work closely with the police to crack down on the issue.

The CLA supports landowners by advising them on how best to protect and maximise their land, including crime issues.

Branch chairman, Jonathan Farr, said: “Rural crime is an important issue and I’ll be working closely with Northants Police to make sure crimes such as hare coursing, which is a major problem in our area, and fly-tipping are efficiently dealt with.

“It is important for members to report all rural crime, however trivial it may appear.

“There is a range of deadly diseases, pests and conditions threatening our woodlands.

“The reality is there is no cure for diseases such as ash dieback, but we can work to give woodlands the best possible chance of survival by keeping them as strong and as healthy as we can.”

Mr Farr also said he was concerned with the reform of water licences.

He said: “Water management is a problem for everyone.

“With pressure on supplies, much needs to be done to educate householders on the true value of water.”

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