Haul of 200 lethal weapons surrendered

Inspector Sarah Johnson among the 177 guns
Inspector Sarah Johnson among the 177 guns
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A machine gun and 31 shotguns were among more than 200 weapons handed in to police across a three-week amnesty.

It was extended by a week due to the huge haul of weapons which included 17 revolvers, 100 knives and a samurai sword.

Inspector Sarah Johnson PNL-141010-170842001

Inspector Sarah Johnson PNL-141010-170842001

Northants Police officers gave people the chance to hand in deadly weapons and a total of 177 guns were collected in just 21 days.

Inspector Sarah Johnson, who led the amnesty, said she was surprised how many guns they finished with.

She said: “We didn’t expect to see as many firearms as we have but I think that shows how much support we’ve had from residents in making this amnesty a success.”

Officers collected 40 air rifles, 21 air pistols and 34 blank firing guns, which can easily be converted to fire.

The majority of weapons will now be destroyed but a small number have been saved for further examination.

Others will be made safe and preserved because of their historical relevance.

Most weapons were not been licenced, but it is not believed that any of them have been used in criminal activities.

Anyone who still wishes to hand in a weapon can still do so by calling 101 to arrange a safe collection.

The last amnesty held by Northants Police was in 2003 when 523 weapons were recovered.