‘Haunted mountain’ was spooked by a cardboard cut-out

Ghost of Cyprus was actually a sign! PNL-141211-120138001
Ghost of Cyprus was actually a sign! PNL-141211-120138001

A mysterious white apparition which appeared in a man’s holidays photos has turned out not to be a visitation from beyond the grave, and is instead a cardboard cut-out.

Last week the Citizen reported about Michael Holmes, whose numerous photos of The Saint Hilarion Castle in Northern Cyprus each showed a white figure standing rigidly to attention in the background.

Cyprus ghost sighting PNL-140511-173632001

Cyprus ghost sighting PNL-140511-173632001

But reader Louis Henry got in touch with us after seeing the story and doing his own detective work, which led him to discover this image of a knight-shaped sign, which stands in the exact place the spook was spotted.

Mr Holmes, who works for Volkswagen in Milton Keynes, said: “I knew that it had to be something and we are relieved that there is now an explanation.”

Last week Mr Holmes told us about the history of the castle.

He said: He said: “When I got home to England and first looked at the photos I thought it was light reflecting on one picture. But then I saw the same figure on three different shots, all from different angles.

“The mountain is 700 metres high with beautiful views, and it looks like the figure is on the viewing platform.

“The castle used to be ruled by Prince John, and any traitors would be thrown to their deaths from that part of the mountain.”

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