Head ‘disappointed’ at inspectors’ verdict

Angela Wells
Angela Wells

The headteacher of the Buckingham School has said she is ‘very disappointed’ with the school’s latest Ofsted report but that the school still has much to be proud of.

Following an inspection in the last week of the autumn term, the overall effectiveness of the school was judged to be ‘Requiring Improvement’.

This is effectively the same ‘Satisfactory’ rating as the school received in its last Ofsted report in 2011 but the categories have been relabelled.

The latest judgement is largely due to GCSE exam results, which dropped in 2013

Headteacher Angela Wells said: “As a school community, we are very disappointed with the judgements in the report but accept that overall achievement must improve further. There are some improvements to make, but it’s not a failing school. .

“We had a blip in English last year. They changed where the grade bandings are. What used to be a C is no longer a C. It’s impacted on schools all over the country.

“We have students of all abilities here and we work very, very hard with them and will continue to support them to get the best grades they can.

“They’re wonderful students. They deserve to be recognised for what they do here.

“We have extra low NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) figures. Our children leave us to go on and do something and are successful in that, and that for me is what it’s about. We want successful young people.

“There’s much for me to be proud of. The school is a very different place from where it was in 2008 when I took it over. But it is disappointing.”

Learn more about the report at a parents’ meeting at 6pm on Monday, January 20.