Head’s hairy Decembeard moment

Rob Hazelgrove with pupils at St Loys
Rob Hazelgrove with pupils at St Loys

A primary school headteacher had a hairy moment when pupils arrived at school wearing false beards.

Rob Hazelgrove, the headteacher of St Loys C of E Primary Academy in Weedon Lois, has been growing a beard during December.

Last Friday, children at the school surprised him by coming to school wearing false beards, in return for a charity donation.

Mr Hazelgrove decided to

grow a beard to raise money for Cancer Research UK and the chemotherapy suite at Northampton General Hospital, where his fiancee, Tracy Reid, has been treated for breast cancer.

In a letter to parents, he wrote: “In February 2014 my lovely fiancée, Tracy, was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“After two operations, six sessions of chemotherapy (a few days staying in hospital too) and 15 sessions of radiotherapy, she has now finished her treatment at Northampton General Hospital.

“I would like to raise money for Cancer Research UK so that the treatment and detection of cancer can be improved.

“Northampton General Hospital are raising money to improve the Chemo Suite for patients. I would like to help too!

“As Tracy’s hair slowly grows back (and eyebrows and eyelashes) I will grow my beard in support.”

Mr Hazelgrove said the hospital want to update their chemotherapy suite to increase privacy for patients.

He told the Advertiser: “Tracy had really lovely treatment from the hospital – first rate treatment. I just felt, with updated facilities, people coming in the future could have even better care.”

And he spoke of his surprise at seeing all the children, from Reception to Year 6, sporting false beards.

He said: “I had a big surprise, all these children and adults coming into school with a beard. Some of them looked better than me! Some of the parents joined in too.

“It’s lovely of people to share with me. It was very touching.

“It was a nice gesture.”

So far, Mr Hazelgrove has raised over £1,100 for the two causes, and he intends to keep his beard until after school goes back in January.

He said: “It hasn’t started to itch me yet, I’m pleased to say, but I’ll be cutting it off at the end of the first week back.”

Sponsor Mr Hazelgrove at www.justgiving.com/Robert-Hazelgrove or