£45,000 will give Seb a better life

Daniel and Amy Strudwick with their son Seb who has cerebral palsy. 110707M-B408
Daniel and Amy Strudwick with their son Seb who has cerebral palsy. 110707M-B408

A SOUTH Northants family have launched a £45,000 appeal to give an independent future to a toddler with cerebral palsy.

On June 15, 2009, Seb Strudwick was born 14 weeks premature and suffered a brain bleed when he was only three days old. His parents, Amy and Dan, both 30, were prepared for the worst when doctors warned them he could suffer full body paralysis.

At 12 months old Seb was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and offered fortnightly physiotherapy on the NHS.

Believing their son needed more, the family paid for private treatment at the Cerebral Palsy Physio Centre in Flitwick and with their help Seb was crawling by 18 months and walking with a frame by his third birthday. But experts have said there is a limit to what four or five hours of physio a week can achieve.

After extensive research the family discovered a procedure in the United States which would free up tendons, which are causing his limbs to become uncontrollably cramped.

Mrs Strudwick added: “Although the operation is no miracle cure, many of the children find once they’ve had the operation they have better balance and control and can learn to walk at a much better rate.”

Mrs Strudwick accepted £45,000 was a lot of money to raise in a difficult economic climate.

She said: “Everyone falls in love with Seb as soon as they see him.

“He’s such a gorgeous, happy boy.

“I’m certain any mother in my situation would be doing the same thing and we’re not asking people to give something for nothing.”

Mr Strudwick has been able to secure a number of items from Formula 1 teams to be auctioned off for the appeal.

The couple are also in the process of planning a charity ball and disco, while a friend has also agreed to take part in a sponsored sky dive.

Mrs Strudwick said she understands why the treatment is not available on the NHS but she is backing the www.support4sdr.org campaign which is lobbying the Government for better funding for cerebral palsy patients.