Elderly Bucks patients ‘should feel at home’ in hospital wards

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ELDERLY patients should be given more personalised care in hospital and made to feel at home, a committee reviewing their treatment has heard.

Bucks County Council’s review of care of older people in hospital heard how making patients feel at home during their stay is crucial to having a positive experience.

Jo Birrell, a matron for older people with the Buckinghamshire Healthcare Trust, told the committee patients should be allowed to do as they would at home, such as wearing their own clothes or walking around barefoot.

Steps are also being taken to make hospital a less confusing experience for patients, particularly by making it easier to identify who is who through uniforms.

Chairman of the committee, Councillor Richard Pushman, said: “The introduction of a uniform system is to differentiate on the ward between staff.

“At the moment if you turn up you might not be sure who is doing what. They have all got overalls on and look much the same.”

He said it was ‘absolutely right’ each patient is treated as an individual, whatever their age.

He said: “You get some people who are fit and able over 60 and you get people of 40 who are terribly demanding.”

A report is due to be published in September.