No room for local people at hospital?

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IS Buckingham Community Hospital serving the people of Buckingham?

That is the question resident are asking after reports beds have been taken up by patients from outside the town.

Three people have spoken to the Advertiser after they or their relatives have not been allocated a bed there. All three have asked us not to name them, due to concerns over the vulnerability of the elderly people concerned.

Mrs A. told the Advertiser her 97-year-old mother had lived independently until she broke her hip in March and was taken into Stoke Mandeville Hospital. She said, although the family were told their mother would be transferred to Buckingham Community Hospital after three weeks, this never happened, and her mother remained at Stoke Mandeville for another three weeks before being sent home.

But she said a woman from Aylesbury who was on the same ward as her mother was moved to Buckingham.

She told the Advertiser people are being misled into thinking Buckingham Community Hospital serves local people. She has written to MP for Buckingham John Bercow, and also to Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust’s chief nurse and director of patient care standards, Lynne Swiatczak.

Mrs B. said her 95-year-old neighbour was taken to Milton Keynes Hospital after breaking her hip. After three weeks, she was told she was on a waiting list to be transferred to Buckingham Community Hospital, but this never happened and her neighbour spent a total of 11 weeks in Milton Keynes Hospital.

When Mrs C., 75, fell and badly broke her elbow in February, she was in MK Hospital for seven weeks. She said she asked to be transferred to Buckingham but was told it was not possible.

She said: “When it comes to Buckingham people, we can’t get in there.”

A spokesman for Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust said: “We try as much as possible to ensure that patients are admitted to their local community hospital, according to the care they need. It is our commitment to ensure that Buckingham Community Hospital continues to be a resource for the local people of Buckingham.”

The spokesman refused to say how many of the hospital’s 16 inpatient beds were currently occupied by people from Buckingham and the surrounding area.