Towcester news: Cancer sufferer raises money for charity

A BRAVE women from Towcester is using her experience with ovarian cancer to promote awareness and a fund raising event next week.

Diana Dallyn of Wordsworth Close is also Towcester Brook’s representative on South Northants Council, and was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last year.

Since then she has undergone six cycles of chemotherapy to limit the growth of the tumour. While she now feels healthy, doctors have told her they can not be certain how long she will live.

Mrs Dallyn said: “While my cancer is stable it is impossible to say how long it will be stable, it could be years or it could months.”

Mrs Dallyn said it was very traumatic being diagnosed but her family and friends had rallied around her.

She added: “If I’ve only got a few months to live, whether the rest of my life is short or long, I am going to have a life, I’m not going to sit around mopping, I’m going to enjoy myself.”

Mrs Dallyn said ovarian cancer was often over looked and that its symptoms were subtle. They are: a swollen and painful stomach, loss of appetite, and always feeling full.

On Thursday, March 10 Mrs Dallyn will host a Coffee Evening at Towcester Hall between 7.30pm and 9pm. Entrance cost £5 and includes refreshments. Money raised during the evening will go the Target Ovarian Cancer charity which promotes awareness of the diseases and funds research.