Healthcare Trust won’t talk about the future of beds in Buckingham

Buckingham Hospital
Buckingham Hospital

Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust (BHT) were unable to confirm that hospital beds would remain open at Buckingham Community Hospital when questioned by the Advertiser.

Concerns had been raised in the town after it was announced that a BHT scheme to improve care in the community would be expanding beyond Marlow and Thame, where 20 overnight beds were closed as a result.

Dr Tina Kenny, medical director of the BHT, said: “We would like to reassure people that we have made no decisions nor developed plans relating to the beds at Buckingham Community Hospital.”

The statement goes on to promote the Care In The Community scheme, including its perceived success in Marlow and Thame, without mention of the closure of the overnight beds.

The full statement is available here as part of our previous story on the issue:

The subject of the future of the beds also failed to be broached at the most recent HASC meeting on 22 May, despite being pointedly raised at the previous meeting on the 24 April by councillor Robin Stuchbury on behalf of Buckingham Town Council.

Frank Donlon of the charity The League of Friends of Buckingham Hospital said that he shared concerns that beds will be lost.

He said: “We want the public to be aware that the League of Friends is looking out for them,” adding “we want to be part of the decision making process.”

The closure of the beds in Marlow and Thame prompted a public protest and the launching of an online petition opposing the move has received almost 3,500 signatures.

Campaigner Ozma Hafiz said: “People deserve to be fully consulted and informed about plans.”

When approached for a second time BHT said that they had nothing to add to their statement but have offered a meeting with a senior member of staff.

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