Hear the developers plans for Winslow

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Winslow residents have the chance to hear what would-be developers have to say about the future of the town at an event on Thursday, May 1.

A ‘Hearing Day’ is being held from 10am at Winslow Public Hall by the external examiner appointed to review the Winslow Neighbourhood Plan.

The hearing was originally scheduled for February 14 but postponed following a legal challenge by Gladman Developments Ltd.

New guidance issued by the government has persuaded the examiner, Nigel McGurk, to reinstate the hearing.

Anyone can attend and listen to the presentations but only those invited by the examiner will be able to speak.

The hearing is an opportunity for the examiner to hear directly from some of the would-be developers and particularly those who objected to aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan.

The list of speakers includes Gladman Developments, which wants to build a total of more than 1,500 houses on three sites outside the development area proposed in the plan.

Bell-Cornwell will represent another developer which wants to build about 300 homes on land east of Little Horwood Road, which is also outside the plan boundary.

Winslow Town Council, which prepared the plan, and Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) which supports the plan will have the opportunity to respond.

Llew Monger, chairman of the town’s Neighbourhood Plan steering group, said: “We hope that there will be a good attendance by local residents as, although they will not be able to address the examiner, they will hear what the would-be developers have to say and how the town council


“A good attendance will also let the examiner see that there is strong local interest in, and support for, the Neighbourhood Plan.”

Following the hearing, the examiner is expected to deliver his report in May, setting out his recommendation as to whether the plan should proceed to the next step of a local referendum and, if so, whether the plan should be modified in any way.