Help find missing visitor from Down Under

Boof the cat PNL-141013-171959001
Boof the cat PNL-141013-171959001

A cat that travelled all the way from Australia has gone missing two days after being let out.

Black shorthair Boof and his brother Bruce, came to Maids Moreton with their owner, Kate Wakeford, five weeks ago.

The animals made the journey in a special air-conditioned area of the aircraft – at considerable expense.

“Two seats would have been cheaper,” said Ms Wakefield.

The cats have been staying with Ms Wakeford’s mother, Chris Cottrell, in Foscote Road.

Ms Wakeford kept them indoors for the first fortnight.

But a few days after being let out three weeks ago, Boof failed to come home.

Ms Wakeford said: “He was only out for two or three days when he disappeared.

“I’ve shouted and shouted but I can’t find him.

“He’s wandered off previously but 48 hours is his maximum.”

Four-year-old Boof is a big, black shorthaired cat with a white triangle under his chin, white splodges on his elbows and belly and a long, thin black tail.

He is neutered, microchipped and has an identification tattoo in his left ear.

Ms Wakeford has alerted the local vets but she wonders if somebody may have mistaken Boof for a stray and taken him in.

She said: “I’ve got posters up everywhere and I’ve put them through people’s doors.

“I just want people to know he’s not a stray – he’s got an owner that loves him very much.”

If you have any information about Boof, call 01280 822624 or 07920 206820.