‘Help find our missing cat’


A woman has put out a plea to help find a missing cat which belonged to her sister.

Buckingham resident Sarah Clark said: “My sister, Jayne Williams, passed away four weeks ago.

“She was only 40 and a truly amazing woman.

“I took over care of her two cats, who she absolutely adored.

“Last week l bought them back to my home in Western Avenue.

“Sadly, on Wednesday morning one of them gave me the slip and I have been searching for her ever since.

“We believe she may be trying to make it back to my sister’s home in Winslow.”

Mrs Clark has informed the local vets and put notices on Facebook, but she’s asking people to keep their eyes open for the cat, whose name is Ethel.

Mrs Clark said: “We are all very upset and are desperate to get her home.

“She is a large, friendly cat and she may have been taken in by someone.”