Help for hedgehogs from caring company

Hedgehogs have been helped by a local dishwasher company

Brackley-based commercial glass and dishwasher company Maidaid has stepped in to help a hedgehog rescue centre by donating one of its top-of-the-range Evolution dishwashers.

Since Brackley Hogwatch was set up by local man Andrew Jackson four years ago, it has helped to save the lives of hundreds of hedgehogs.

This year, the rescue facility has received a record number of casualties that are injured, sick or too small to survive the winter. Each hedgehog requires two clean bowls for food and water each day.

And with almost 140 hedgehogs currently being cared for and more being brought in, providing clean bowls for them had becomelengthy and labour intensive.

Maidaid heard of the rescue centre’s plight and, after testing a number of food bowls.

And now the company, based in a historic victorian engine shed in Brackley, has configured a Maidaid Evolution machine to meet the organisation’s requirements.

Matt Titchener, of Maidaid, said: “When we heard of the problems that Brackley Hogwatch were facing with its process for cleaning around 300 bowls per day, we felt we could solve the problem with our Evolution dishwasher.

“This economically efficient machine is designed to cope with the pressures of a busy catering outlet and the wash cycle time is dramatically reduced, compared to a domestic machine as currently used by Hogwatch.”

Brackley Hogwatch founder Andrew Jackson said: “It has been such a relief to have a solution to our problem of cleaning such a large volume of food and water bowls.

“The new machine is already freeing up more time for my volunteers and I to focus on caring for the hedgehogs.

“We do rely on donations to fund Brackley Hogwatch and this kind donation has made a huge difference to us.”

Find out more about Brackley Hogwatch at or call 07528 119416.