Herb garden could help sooth body and mind

GRASSROOTS environmentalists are on the hunt for new recruits as they attempt to establish a relaxing spot for mind and body in Buckingham.

Sunday, 17th June 2012, 10:00 am

The Buckingham Transition Town group are looking to grow a medicinal and culinary herb garden in the town for both cultivated and wild species.

Louise Smith of Buckingham Transition hopes it will be a peaceful place where people can take time to relax and revitalise themselves in the re-energising atmosphere created by the herbs.

She added: “Imagine walking on a chamomile lawn, sitting amongst the herbs that are associated with your needs or just chatting with a friend whilst insects buzz around the healing plants.

“We also see it as a place where gardening, herbal and vegetable growing talks can be held and a community space for poetry and story telling.

“We are in discussion with regards to a potential place for the herb garden and are now looking for people who would like to help shape the vision of the garden and bring it to fruition.”

Transition Towns is a movement which aims to build resilience against rising fuel prices, peak oil, and climate change with a close emphasis on the principles of peramaculture.

Anyone interested in helping with the Buckingham Herb Garden can contact Louise Smith on 07828860104 or via email at [email protected]