Hero PC saved child’s life after cruise drama

PC James Bremner, right, receives his award from deputy chief constable Francis Habgood
PC James Bremner, right, receives his award from deputy chief constable Francis Habgood

A selfless PC who saved the life of six-year-old boy while on an off-duty holiday cruise has received commendation from the force.

PC James Bremner, 37, of Bicester Police Station resucitated the youngster who was found unconscious at the bottom of a swimming pool on a Royal Carribbean cruise ship.

The hero copper was immedietly praised by the cruise opperator who said he had acted with “valour and gallantry”, after he administered CPR until medical staff arrived.

His prompt and courageous actions saved the life of the boy, who went on to make a full recovery.

PC Bremner was on a cruise around France and Spain, on the Independence of the Seas, with his wife, two of his children, and his wife’s brother, sister and parents in May 2014.

PC Bremner was on the top deck watching the film Need for Speed on a cinema screen while the rest of the family were below deck watching a dance show, when he heard a commotion from the pool area.

He said: “What first drew my attention was one of the Caribbean waiters reaching into the pool and lifting this boy out. My first thought was that doesn’t look good.”

When no one began CPR on the child, PC Bremner rushed over and made an initial assessment. The boy had blue feet and lips, his eyes were completely dilated and he had no pulse.

After rolling the child on to his side, which caused water to flood out of his mouth and nose, he began CPR – asking an American woman to start chest compressions, while he maintained the airway.

PC Bremner said: “All that was going through my mind was that this boy is dead. His eyes were open and they were completely black.

“I was convinced there was no hope, but you can’t stop – you have to keep going. I couldn’t find a pulse, but the American lady said she could feel something in his chest. I had another look and he was breathing, but it was horrible. It wasn’t normal breathing at all”

PC Bremner called for a medical team, and when they arrived, he quickly informed the doctor of what had happened and the boy was rushed off.

Later the ship changed course and a French Navy helicopter evacuated the boy and his parents to intensive care.

PC Bremner was told that the child had been unconscious for around 40 minutes and doctors suspected brain damage.

But, three days later, the ship’s captain announced over the tannoy that the child was out of intensive care, was expected to make a full recovery.

PC Bremner said: “Recalling it now, it is a little bit emotional to be honest. It could have gone either way, but fortunately it didn’t.

“It feels good to have done it, but I don’t feel overly special – you just get on and do it.”

Thames Valley Police’s deputy chief constable Francis Habgood presented PC Bremner with a higher commendation at Eynsham Hall in Witney on Wednesday afternoon.

PC Bremner said: “I am chuffed to have received it, 
but I wasn’t expecting anything. But my whole family are very proud – my mum is overjoyed, and she was there yesterday.”