Hideout for drinkers and smokers cleaned up by volunteers

Volunteers on the 'day of action'
Volunteers on the 'day of action'

A problem spot behind a primary school has been tackled by volunteers to stop gangs hanging out there.

The area behind bushes by Silverstone Brook in Towcester was identified as a location prone to anti-social behaviour.

On Wednesday last week, a ‘day of action’ was carried out by volunteers from local housing, Northants Police and community safety partnership.

It was organised by the Daventry District and South Northants Community Safety Partnership and included a big litter pick.

The area, between Springfields and Buckingham Way, backs on to Nicholas Hawksmoor Primary School, several homes and a walkthrough used by young families.

But community safety officer Peter Glover does not want residents to think they live in a dangerous area.

He said: “We don’t have the huge problems that exist in other parts of the country.

“There are no areas that are in desperate need of attention and it’s actually a very safe place to work, live and visit.

“Days like Wednesday are to reassure the public that their concerns are being taken care of.”

Along with the litter pick, there were also plans to cut back hedges to make the hideout less visible but that has been postponed as it is currently nesting time for birds.

Mr Glover said the hedge chopping would help ‘deprive certain people of a cosy environment to drink in’ but stressed that the bushes are also natural barriers to the gardens of family homes.

He said the success of the work by Silverstone Brook will be evaluated at the next joint action group meeting on June 18.

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