Hospital chief’s farewell thanks

The chief of a doomed cottage hospital has written an open letter to thank staff who made it a ‘very special place’.

Brackley Cottage Hospital has now shut its doors after 138 years of operation after several failed attempts to save it.

The decision was made in February and ‘difficulty in recruiting nurses due to a national shortage’ was blamed.

George Britchfield, chairman of the Brackley Hospital Trust, expressed his ‘very sincere appreciation’ to all the staff over 25 years.

He said: “Very sadly, we have now fallen victim to the impact of a national shortage of registered nurses.

“I have to thank those trained nurses that have worked very demanding shift patterns over that past several months.

“Very reluctantly we have found it necessary to close the doors on a local institution, a decision that was only made following an intense period of consultation in an attempt to find a robust solution.

“This has been a very emotional time for all those closely involved and I wish that there had been a realistic alternative to the closure of the cottage.”

The trust continues to support a proposed 60-place care home, which includes the relocation of the cottage hospital’s 12 beds, planned for the Network 401 development on Northampton Road.