How can Buckingham support its markets?

Buckingham Market. 131203M-B818
Buckingham Market. 131203M-B818

What can Buckingham do to support its traditional markets?

Several traders on Tuesday’s market painted a gloomy picture, while residents said more should be done to make the market more vibrant.

Former chairman of the Old Gaol Trust, Pat Brook, told the Advertiser: “We have our traditional market on Tuesday and Saturday.

“If we don’t support it, then it will disappear.

“Tuesday may be a difficult day for working people – not for me, as I’m retired.

“But let’s make an effort to support the stallholders when we can. Let’s keep our ancient market going. I love my Buckingham and I don’t want to see these old things disappear.”

Stallholder Nigel King, of Grimsby Fish Sales, said there was not enough footfall on the Tuesday market.

He said: “Trade is not what it was. There was a period when there weren’t a lot of stalls. That might have done it.”

Mehreen Khalid and Shahid Hamid, of Fakurma UK, said: “Because Christmas is coming, it’s a bit better, but not that much.

“The drawback for this town is Milton Keynes is very close. We need more of a variety of stuff, more traders, more days of market.”

Gary Whitworth, of Wesses Bakehouse, said: “It’s dead. It’s really bad. I don’t know if everyone’s got no money of they’re saving their money because they’re worried about the big bills coming.

“It’s been on a slow decline for quite a while now.

“I don’t know if it’s transport as well. Probably 80 per cent of our customers are the old people and if they can’t get in they won’t use us.”

Martin Eldridge of Martin Eldridge Retail Markets, said: “It’s very, very slow. I don’t think it’s going to be a very good Christmas. With the biggest online buying day this week, that’s where a lot of the custom is going.

“The demise of Woolworths didn’t help at all and neither does charging for the car parking.

“We need Mary Portas here to give it a bit of life.”

Plant stall holder Andrew Pelling, said: “Customers are moaning about paying to park. They moan they’ve got to pay 50p for three hours when they only want to park for an hour.”

However, Nigel Price, of Price General Merchandise, said business was brisk and Viv Dindol, of Choice Cards, said it was “not too bad”.

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