How much land in Aylesbury Vale is built on?

A map showing how much land in Aylesbury Vale has been built on

Data has been released showing how much land in every UK council area has been built on.

Is Aylesbury Vale veteran Wally, 102, Britain’s oldest poppy seller?

The data splits land into the following four categories: farmland, natural, built on and green urban.

In the Vale the amount of farmland (89%) exceeds the national average of 57%, while the amount of natural lead in the Vale (3%) is way below the national average of 35%.

Built on accounts for 5% in the Vale compared to 6% nationally while green urban is at 3% of the total both here and across the country.

The information has come courtesy of the Corine Land Cover Inventory.

Looking at the national picture the local authorities with the highest proportion of farmland are the Isles of Scilly (96%) and Mid Suffolk (95%).

The council area with the greatest quantity of “natural” landscape is Highland (91%).

The City of London has the highest amount of land that is built on (98%) and the local authority with the greatest proportion of green urban is Richmond upon Thames (58%).

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