‘HS2 could destroy our town’s economy and quality of life’

Town clerk Linda Carter and councillor Mark Morrell
Town clerk Linda Carter and councillor Mark Morrell

HS2 has the potential to ‘destroy’ Brackley, according to the duo who represented the town in Westminster this week.

High speed trains will thunder 1km from homes but town councillors think families are unaware of the impact.

Brackley HS2 PNL-150225-161015001

Brackley HS2 PNL-150225-161015001

Brackley Town Councillor Mark Morrell and town clerk Linda Carter told MPs that the effects on traffic, economy and tourism could be ‘catastrophic’.

Mr Morrell said: “This has the potential to destroy 
the town.

“That’s why we need to shock people because I’m hearing ‘oh is it going 
ahead? It’s not going to affect us really’.

“What? What planet are you on? People think because it is a bit further away but it’s about changing the attitude and mindset.

Computer-generated visuals of HS2

Computer-generated visuals of HS2

“It’s the biggest thing to hit this town and it’s so important for us.”

The pair delivered a one hour presentation at the House of Commons on Wednesday morning and said if proper traffic, noise and pollution surveys are not completed, the building should not begin.

But they were pleased with how it went and felt their points were taken on board ‘wholeheartedly’.

Mr Morrell said: “We set our stall out early. We didn’t attack and didn’t go silly 
but they knew we meant business.

“We got a lot of points in because we spent some time to understand how the room works. We purposely laid out our papers and I did profiles on all the MPs too.

“I even knew that one of them lives in a cottage and their dog won an award last weekend.”