HS2 enquiry is news to be welcomed - MP

MP for Bicester, Tony Baldry, talks about the planned enquiry into the economic case for HS2 in his monthly column.

It is good news that the House of Commons transport select committee has agreed to carry out a full enquiry into the economic case for and against HS2.

Everyone in the UK has an interest in getting this right, not least because this is a multi million pound project all of which it is proposed be paid for by us as tax payers.

So whether one lives in Cornwall, or Cumbria, it is important that Parliament collectively, through the transport select committee, should answer the question, could this amount of money or even a smaller sum spent on improving the existing rail and transport infrastructure, result in better outcomes?

The select committee enquiry will enable both proponents and opponents of the HS2 case to put forward evidence in a reasoned, objective, dispassionate way and for select committee members to be able to test and evaluate that evidence and come to conclusions.

In recent weeks, voices ranging from The Economist magazine to former Conservative chancellor of the exchequer Nigel Lawson, to the Taxpayers’ Alliance, have all been questioning the wisdom of proceeding with HS2.

What is now needed, is some dispassionate, rational examination of the facts and I am very glad that the transport select committee has agreed to the request that I and other MPs have been making for some time to carry out a full enquiry into the HS2 project.