HS2 fight is gathering pace in villages

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RESIDENTS of Brackley and the surrounding villages who want to step up the fight against HS2 will be welcomed at a public meeting in Culworth this weekend.

Alan Seeds lead member of Culworth Parish Council’s HS2 working group and member of the protest group South Northants Action Group (SNAG) said he hopes to see greater engagement from people in the Brackley area.

He said: “What we are doing is a fore runner with South Northants Council on what the villages need to do to respond to this and their interaction with SNC.

“This is something which is likely to happen in other villages to help them engage with either SNC or SNAG. We do see Brackley as one of those places that has not engaged as much as SNC and the action group might have expected and people from all those places starting at Turweston and Whitfield are all on our shopping list.”

The public meeting takes place at Culworth Village Hall on Saturday, January 28 from 11am.