HS2 opposition reacts to announcement of phase two route

MCBH HS2 generic by Joe Rukin
MCBH HS2 generic by Joe Rukin
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MORE detail over the northern section of HS2 will only generate more opposition to the whole project according to a campaign spokesman.

After the government revealed the route and stations for HS2 beyond Birmingham Joe Rukin, spokesman of the Stop HS2 said there is no business case, no environmental case, and at £32bn the project is too costly.

He said: “The HS2 proposal is fundamentally flawed and announcing the routes to the north to bolster support will backfire, the Government will soon find the more people know about HS2 the more opposition will grow.

“They will say it is good for the environment because it sounds like it might be true. But The Green party oppose HS2 saying it is ‘socially regressive, environmentally damaging and bafflingly irrational’.

“They will say we are running out of capacity, but long distance travel on the West Coast Mainline is dropping and business use is dropping too.

“Arriva have applied for an open access long distance franchise, so they clearly think there is capacity to run more trains and it is improvements to local sustainable travel which the country needs, not a fast train for fat cats.”

Stop HS2 believe he Department for Transport is using out of date modelling systems which bolster the passenger projections and therefore the business case.

In addition they sayd the DfT predictions assume that demand can grow indefinitely and ignores the possibility that people might decide tickets are too expensive.

Last year the Major Projects Authority rated HS2 as Amber-Red, which means ‘the successful delivery of the project is in doubt, with major risks or issues apparent in a number of key areas.

In recent weeks, the DfT have released timings for journey times between cities after HS2, but campaigners point out they are planning out-of-town stations in some places, and that existing stations could lose services.

The DfT has said phase two would almost halve journey times between Birmingham and Manchester to 41 minutes, and would take an hour off the London to Manchester route reducing journey times to one hour and eight minutes.

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