HS2 oppponents to appear before House of Lords

Martin Tett will appear before the Lords
Martin Tett will appear before the Lords

Leading campaigners against HS2 will appear before a House of Lords inquiry into the project’s economic case next week.

Campaign manager for Stop HS2 Joe Rukin and director of HS2 Action Alliance Bruce Westen will speak before the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee on Tuesday morning, while in the afternoon the inquiry will hear from Councillor Martin Tett, leader of the 51m Alliance of Councils (and Bucks County Council) and

Dr Richard Wellings, deputy editorial director of the Institute of Economic Affairs.

Questions will focus on the reasons for the opposition to HS2 including whether they believe it will deliver the economic benefits predicted by the Government and why they are sceptical about the level of passenger demand the government has predicted for HS2.

It will also ask about 51m’s alternative vision for improving capacity on the west coast mainline and how the economic case of this approach compares to HS2 and whether they agree with the government that HS2 could help rebalance the UK economy.