Hummingbirds coffee shop swoops into town

Left, Tracy Peters and right, Nicky Fulton, of Hummingbirds
Left, Tracy Peters and right, Nicky Fulton, of Hummingbirds

A brand new coffee bar with a twist is hoping to create a buzz.

Hummingbirds opens this week in Market House Courtyard in Brackley and will be run by Tracy Peters and Nicky Fulton.

The cafe , which also has a licenced bar, will serve everything from sandwiches to posh sausage and mash.

Tracy and Nicky, who come from Milton Keynes opened up shop on Thursday with the help of town mayor, councillor Elaine Wiltshire.

Guests were invited to the join them at the launch and to sample some of the food on offer.

Both owners chose to set up the coffee bar after falling in love with Brackley and its community feel.

Tracy said: “We did lots of research and found a place that was bright and airy with a real community spirit.”

The cafe offers meals made on site with a set menu, specials and wine from an independent supplier, Wine Poole.

Tracy added: “It’s not something you can buy off the shelf in the supermarket.”

“They serve a purpose people like the accolade of a chain. We’re independent and customers like individual service.

“We have hired one other person to help us part time and we wish to support the local economy.”

The pair hope to be busy over the next year inviting those on business meetings or people who just want to quick bite to drop in.