"I felt like I was in a horror movie" Naomi Arghiros recalls horror crash

A pedestrian who was  run over by a car on a notorious crossing in Buckingham has spoken of the moment she was injured.

Monday, 27th March 2017, 10:13 am
Updated Monday, 27th March 2017, 1:19 pm
Naomi recalls the events leading up to her horror crash

Naomi Arghiros was struck by a passing car when she was crossing the A413 near to the Tesco superstore and was taken to hospital with a shattered nose and broken bones in her face.

She has now echoed calls in last week’s Advertiser, demanding action be taken to make it safer to cross the road.

Bucks County Council and Buckingham Town Council have been lobbying developers to get safety improvements as soon as possible.

The designs for the crossing are in place and is hoped construction will start in the summer.But for Naomi, the improvements have not come soon enough. She was struck by a car earlier this month, just before 7pm.

She has described the accident in detail to serve as a warning to others.

Naomi had been shopping in Tesco before crossing the road to Windsor Park. She said it was dimly lit on the road and she did not see any cars before she went to cross.“Before I knew it, I had been struck by a grey car, and it hit me on the side. I bore the full brunt of the impact.

““I put my hands to my face after the impact and it felt horrible.

“There was blood everywhere and the agony and pain was excruciating. People were screaming,

“I felt like I was in the middle of a horror story. I completely blacked out.”

Naomi added: “My nose is shattered, temples above my eyebrows are broken and underneath my cheekbones the face is fractured. My front lobe is broken, I have a split lip and I’ve got a huge fracture on my forehead that’s had to be stitched together.

“The road is horrendous, and genuinely dangerous. I have to cross it every night coming back from work and to be honest I’m afraid. Something desperately needs to be done. I could have easily been killed.

“The whole effort of crossing the road is an absolute circus. With all the developments on the other side of the road it’s a travesty there is no crossing.

“It’s lethal, horrendous and very dangerous. The traffic lights are too far down – they need to be much nearer to the Tesco.”

Last week Councillor Robin Stuchbury had expressed hopes that the crossing would be completed by the summer.

He added: “Once the new crossing is constructed this will be a great improvement to the safety of crossing the A413 for our constituents.”

Naomi said she was making progress since the accident.

“A lot of my face is still numb, but I feel like I’m making progress. The doctors have said my nerves have been damaged and I’m not entirely sure if I will ever get the feeling back. “My message to everyone is to be extra careful when crossing the road.

“It’s been a horrendous couple of days and I wouldn’t want anybody else to experience being hit by a car. I would have died if I wasn’t such a strong person, I’ve been through a lot in my life and have overcome a lot. It might have killed a weaker person,” she said.

Naomi says that the people of Buckingham have been wonderful in offering support for her as she recovers, and also would like to thank the staff at Tesco.

She added: “Everyone in the community has been so wonderful with me. It’s absolutely touching to see such caring attitudes from the people of Buckingham. I’m so glad I live here. People who don’t know me have offered their support.

“I needed to do a shop in Tesco and I rang up to explain the situation, and they were amazing. They took me to the cafe and bought me a teacake while another worker did my shop for me.

“To top it all off they wouldn’t let me pay for it and gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers,” she said.