‘I will still carry out my duties as I do now’

Bucks County Councillor for Winslow, David Rowlands
Bucks County Councillor for Winslow, David Rowlands

Winslow’s county councillor David Rowlands has said he will continue to represent his ward until the May county council elections, even if he moves out of the area.

But district councillor for Winslow, Llew Monger, has publicly called on Mr Rowlands to resign now, rather than wait until May.

In his autumn newsletter, Winslow & District Focus, which is delivered to homes in the town, Lib Dem Mr Monger said Mr Rowlands ‘has sold his home in Winslow and we understand is moving out of the area’.

He added: “We wish him every happiness in his new home, wherever it is, but question how he plans to represent us.

“If Councillor Rowlands is moving out of the area, we suggest he should resign now.”

Mr Rowlands told the Advertiser he will stand down in May.

He said: “At 77, I’m going to actually retire.”

Mr Rowlands said he and his wife Lindsay, who was a Winslow district councillor for 20 years, will be moving when their home on the Magpie estate is finally sold.

But he said the house sale had been ‘a right saga’, and he was not holding his breath.

He said: “If I do move before May, I will still carry out my duties.

“I’m moving approximately 75 miles away, to the other side of Newmarket, and it takes me an hour and a quarter to drive.

“I will endeavour to carry out all my duties as I do now.

“I will be chairing the LAF meeting next week and I will be chairing the next two meetings in the new year.

“I’m running the Poppy Appeal in 16 villages right up until next June.”

Councillor David Polhill, who represents Buckingham North on Bucks County Council, will also be standing down at the May elections.

He told the Advertiser: “I do not wish to continue as a county councillor.

“I will have been county councillor for Buckingham North for eight years, I’ll be near to my 70th birthday and I think it’s time for younger blood to be brought in.

“There are, in my humble opinion, too many elderly councillors.”