Independent sees devil in the detail

John Norrie, ,Independant candidate for the Northants Police Crime Comissioner
John Norrie, ,Independant candidate for the Northants Police Crime Comissioner

AS a disciple of a management guru and an international fencer John Norrie believes he has the objectivity to be the best Police Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire.

Born into a working class Scottish family, independent candidate John Norrie fought to get a good education after leaving school, eventually earning himself a PhD after studying 
mechanical engineering.

From there he went on to learn under W Edwards Demming, whose work in the 1950s is said to have made a significant contribution towards improvements to management processes in the Japanese economy.

Mr Norrie believes his career showing organisations, including police forces, how to continually improve themselves puts him in the best position to scrutinise the chief constable.

Between 2004 and 2007 Mr Norrie served as a member of the Police Authority, after which he was employed as a consultant.

Speaking to the Advertiser, he said: “I know policing, I’ve got a certain passion and enthusiasm for the whole thing and I’m not part of the orthodoxy.

“When I was on Police Authority they said we’re meant to scrutinise performance closely. Well I thought that’s by back yard, that’s what I do, so I took them to their word, and it caused real trouble because I would ask very pointy questions. They’d say ‘well it’s your data that says so and so’, and I would reply no, that is your data I am using, I’m just analysing properly.

“There’s an amount of numerical naivety around management structures in public life and if the public expect me as PCC to scrutinise performance of the chief constable they’ve got no problem with me on that.”

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